Business Consulting

We are professionals with senior management experience. We begin with the understanding of the business and the most relevant needs of our clients. Based on such assessment, our methodology applies a variety of tools focused on human resources and business processes, rearranging and structuring them more efficiently. These changes necessarily result in IT evolution and new optimized organizational practices.

Operations and Strategy

After processes improvement is achieved with a customized ERP software that ensures efficiency of human resources operational activities, it is necessary to create updated and reliable management information. Nowadays it is necessary a continuous tactical and strategic decision-making, in order to compete in a globalized world with growing rate of change.

New Technologies

The world we live in is in a constant and accelerated process of new technology incorporation. It is present in almost all our daily activities, inside and outside our homes. Efficient Public City Management, also called Smart City, has technology as one of their key factors. In this framework we have developed a Smart Stops solution, and we work permanently on technological innovations that add value to our citizens.

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    Smart Stops

    Integrated Communications System for monitoring, follow up, control, distribution and display of public transport information, communications, advertising, and urban security.

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    Vehicle Marker

    Electronic module based on GPS technology and integrated microcontroller with a wireless communication module for mobile communications networks (PLMN).

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    Multipurpose Terminal

    Totem to be installed on public roads as a replacement of the current bus stops. Public transport information, telephone terminal, mobile phone recharge, Wifi access, etc.

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    Data Processing

    Integrated System for sending, receiving and analyzing information from different sources: public transport units, advertising digital signage system, panic button and security camera.

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