Organizational Consulting

We are a group of professionals with management experience in Corporations and SME (small and medium-sized enterprises). Our methodology starts by understanding the business and the needs of its owners, and from there on we use various tools, working with human resources and different processes, rearranging and structuring them in a more efficient way. These changes necessarily result in the incorporation and evolution of IT solutions that prompts the internal transformation and the replacement of old practices entrenched within the Company.

Strategy and Operations

After achieving a process improvement with a system that ensures the efficiency of the operational activities of human resources, and its visibility and control from Management, it is necessary to generate reliable and up-to- date management information. The constant, tactical and strategic decision-making process is necessary in order to compete in a globalised world that has an increasing pace of change.

New Technologies

The world we live in is in an ever-accelerating process of incorporation of technology, to the extent that it is present in almost every daily activity, inside and outside of our homes. One of the cornerstones of the Efficient Municipal Management, also known as Smart City, is technology. In this context, we have developed Smart Stops, and are constantly working on technological innovations that add value to the inhabitants of our country.

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    Smart Stops

    An integrated communication system for monitoring, tracking, controlling, distributing and presenting information related to public transport, communications, advertising and urban security.

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    Vehicle Signalling

    An electronic module consisting of GPS technology and a microcontroller integrated with a wireless communication module for mobile communication networks (PLMN).

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    Multipurpose Terminal

    A post to be installed on public roads as replacements of existing bus stops. Providing information on public transport, as a telephone terminal, mobile phone charger, Wifi access, etc.

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    Data Processing

    Consisting of a system that submits, receives and analyses information from different sources: public transport units, systems of digital signage for advertising, panic button and surveillance camera.

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